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FILEMUSKET file share

The most fugacious file sharing site in the whole universe

STEPS:1.) Upload.2.) Get your private url.3.) Share.4.) Relax.5.) Repeat as desired.

⚪ 100% Free

⚪ Ephemeral 48hr file life

⚪ Unlimited time extensions

⚪ Share large files

⚪ Simple/easy file sharing

⚪ Share privately with friends

⚪ Send large email attachments

⚪ Drag & drop

⚪ Multiple uploads

⚪ Signup for numerous features

⚪ 300MB limit for unregistered users

⚪ 1GB per upload for registered users

⚪ Up to 1GB of disk space

⚪ Unlimited file uploads/downloads

⚪ Manage your files

⚪ Track file downloads

⚪ Delete your file at any time

⚪ Password protection

⚪ File ghosting (change file URL)

⚪ Private/anonymous URLs

⚪ Secure https connection

⚪ End-to-end encryption

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Manage your files. Easily upload with drag and drop. Sharing big files was never easier. Send large email attachments. It's simple and easy.

Manage your files . drag and drop files

Keep track of your disk usage and space available.

Disk space used, available, total

Get file information at a glance. Easily extend or delete files.

View and edit your file, delete, extend

URLs are anonymous and private.

Get your private url

Users can download your file from the file landing page.

File landing page . download

Need to password protect your file? No problem.

File landing page . Password protected

Simple to share files with others.

Share page with friends

Registered file owners can manage files easily, including password protection, extend file life, delete, share and file ghost.

Owner's File landing page . download, edit, extend, change url

Sharing large files and sending big email attachments were never easier!

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