Is your service really free?


Why should I sign up?

Signing up is free and you get all the features like file management, ghosting, password protection, time extensions, etc. If you don't sign up, you're limited to 300MB uploads and you can't manage your files. Most of the features below relate to registered users.

Why do you require sign up to enjoy all the great features?

Well, how else can the system keep track of your files and help you manage it?

Is this a good way to send large email attachments?

Yes! Upload your file. Get your private link. Inlude the link in your email.

Do you offer password protection?

Yes! You can set and unset your file's password protection. Although your URL is private and anonymous, password protection can give you an additional layer of security from prying eyes.

What is file ghosting?

File ghosting is changing your file's URL for added security, privacy, anonymity and flexibility. It's as if your file disappeared, but it's still there under a different URL. You can file ghost as often as you'd like.

What is the maximum storage size?

Currently it's 1GB

What is the maximum upload size?

Currently it's 1GB

Can I store my files long term?

Not really. This is a fugacious file sharing service. It is not intended for long term storage. Uploaded files will be deleted in approximately 48 hours.

Can I extend my file life so I don't have to re-upload again?

Yes, you can extend your file life forever. Just click on the "extend" button and the file life will be reset for another 48 hours.

I accidentally uploaded a wrong file. Can I delete it?

Yes, you can delete any uploaded file anytime.

My file got deleted. Can you restore it?

Sorry, no. We don't cache or backup your files. Once they're deleted, they're gone forever.

Can I share illegal files?

Please don't!

Do you guarantee the security of my files?

Sorry, no. We can't guarantee against server breakdowns, breakins and hacks. Please do your own due diligence to protect your files.

Can I keep track of downloads?

Absolutely. You can see how many times your file has been downloaded.

Are my uploads and downloads secure?

Yes. Files are encrypted and transferred securely from your browser to our servers via HTTPS.

Can I upload more than one file at a time?

Sure. Just drag and drop your files.

How many times can my file be downloaded?


How many files can I upload?

Unlimited. Just stay under the storage limit.

Can I use your service for personal and business?

Yes. Share files with friends, family, clients and associates.

How can I change my email or password?

Login and go to settings.

Should I tell my friends about your service?

Yes! Please share with friends and social media.

Can I suggest improvements and features?

Yes! Please.

How can I contact you?

Email us: contact [@] filemusket.com. Or use the contact form on our site.